Oh Dating…

After a year of absolutely not even trying to date or meet guys, my friend and I decided we would take one month (being February) to try and seriously meet some quality men. It turned out to be close to impossible. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some cool guys, some older and some younger, but nobody seems to be on the right page: if I want casual they want to play games, if I want to cultivate a serious relationship – they want to be casual,  if I go into a date with an open mind – they go ghost mode, and finally, if I am not interested then they want a serious relationship.

We tried meeting guys at places where we like to do things, like sporting events, lounges, pool halls you name it. Guys from my past are always there but the truth is, you blew it and chances are I gave you a chance even after you did that.

So what happens now? What do you do when you’ve given it your best shot and it doesn’t seem to be working out? You move on! It’s time to take the energy invested in trying to find a companion and put it elsewhere, the truth is the right person will come along. I just have to keep living a full life and stop worrying about it. It took some missteps for me to realize this, and it does seem like a cycle: focus on me, realize I would like a partner, focus on that, realize that I cannot ever settle for less than what I want, and then sort through my goals and reprioritize once again. When I say it out loud like that it doesn’t sound so terrible because life is a learning process, and I’m living and I’m learning.

With each cycle, I get better at realizing who I am and what I want, and it only pushes me further and makes me a better version of myself. That’s not a bad thing to get out of an undesirable situation, is it?


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