B.o.B’s Mercy Me offers no mercy in its breakdown of the state of our world

How do you save a world that can’t be saved?

Is there an answer for how to save an “unsave-able” world? Maybe not, but B.o.B has done his research and is speaking his truth, or as he sees it the truth, on his song, Mercy Me. After battling astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson over Twitter and the mic in January  B.o.B’s  most recent element inspired mixtape,  A.I.R (Art Imitates Reality), invites us to question everything just like he does. Mercy Me could serve as a soundtrack to the year; he smoothly touches on immigration, the American flag, and racial divide alongside a no- frills yet trance-inducing beat which he produced (as well as every song on the album) set on top of a string accompaniment. By tip-toeing between the vibe of old school rap and the sounds of the underground, Mercy Me’s enticing sound can sway both the body and the mind

Listen to it here:


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