Dear Lena Dunham, Own that you were sh*tty to Odell Beckham Jr.

(Editors note: Dunham has since apologized see below)

Little known fact: as long as you’re Lena Dunham it’s okay for you to propogate the myth of black male hypersexuality, as long as it makes you laugh.

Lena Dunham projected her own issues into Odell Beckham Jr. when she had an internal conversation (yes, in her mind) and determined that because he failed to give her sexual attention that he did not deem her to be a woman.image

It could be that Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t interact with her for fear of her misinterpreting his action or attention (which wouldn’t be far-fetched considering what his inaction birthed). In this case it was a lose-lose situation. Instead of apologizing to Beckham Jr. for implying that he only regards women that he can fuck, as women, she brushed her stereotypical depiction of him
off as her brand of humour that keeps her alive.

It’s probably true, her humour does keep her alive but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t problematic, offensive, sometimes racist and definitely not funny.

She of course tagged in her equally offensive bestie Amy Schumer with this tweet:

Lena Dunham is not sorry because it’s about her, and her issues – that’s why she wrote about what SHE thought someone else was thinking. Instead of what SHE was feeling. Man, it must be nice to be wrapped so tightly in your privilege.

*UPDATE* She apologized via Instagram


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