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I find it so frustrating as someone with a fairly deep skin tone, that makeup doesn’t work for me unless I’m doing it on myself. I think that’s why there’s such a huge following for those non-professional YouTubers who make their makeup look so flawless.  In reality the makeup that is readily accessible for some doesn’t fit the skin tone of a nice little segment of the population. I’ve been doing my own makeup for 12 years, my sister did her own makeup for her wedding because she too had the pleasure of someone who was inexperienced with a deeper skin tone jack up her face.

I remember my first encounter with a professional makeup artist, she did my makeup and when I looked in the mirror, I was convinced I was ugly. Nothing, not even makeup could fix my face apparently. Luckily with time and luck, I realized that wasn’t the case, and what works for some people definitely doesn’t work for everybody, contouring kits are out of the question for me at this point because the darkest tone is the tone I use as a foundation. In recent years foundation has been more expansive when it comes to their tones, but I distinctly recall having to use only a light pressed powder because the drugstore makeup I could afford was too light. When I asked the lady at shoppers why they didn’t carry the cocoa tone she said there wasn’t enough demand in my area (which was weird to me because I lived in what would be considered the inner city or the downtown area). Fast forward to the days I discovered MAC  makeup and the makeup artist apologized profusely because once again their darkest tone was too light for me (they suggested I write to the company but I was far too embarrassed and exhausted).

Today I’m living for my Nars foundation, it makes me happy, and I struggle for lipsticks and stains that suit my two toned lips, and look like they can blend with my version of a flesh coloured lip, however, it appears I’m not done with makeup mishaps. I was so fortunate to be a part of a Mas band launch for the Scotia Bank Caribbean Carnival, but the makeup artist who did my face had no experience with skin like mine. After she was done people averted my eyes and my friend darted to the next makeup artist who seemed more equipped with dealing with a variety of skin tones. I was embarrassed and angry when I saw my face, but I thought to myself, that if it took me so long to learn how to do my own makeup why should someone who doesn’t have my skin do it better?

Because she’s a professional makeup artist, that’s why!

It is my personal opinion, that as a makeup professional you should make yourself comfortable with your canvas, and that is the human face. I don’t blame her specifically, but I do think that there is a lack of training when it comes to dealing with the deepest of skin tones. A little bit goes a long way, talking to the person that you’re working on can help, and consider the canvas!

If you want to see my makeup disaster, I touch on it in Whyne Wednesday episode 4


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